Erin's Own GAC

We invite people to submit any photos or other material relevant to our history.

There are 5 ways to do this:

1) By Email - Send them via email at

2) By 'We Transfer' as this will allow large file and data transfers. Use this link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free - simply click on the '+' sign and upload your photos from your folders/Gallery. Then fill in the relevant email addresses '', your own email address, put in a title, a small message then Press the blue 'Transfer' Button. (Note to check that you may receive a verification email to your inbox to confirm)

3) By 'Google Forms' if you have a Gmail account: Fill in the Google Form below where a quantity of photos can be uploaded:

Help and Instructions:

a. Click on Link

b. Add your Gmail address

c. Fill in your name

d. Fill in your email address

e. Click on 'Add file'

f. If on a PC you can 'Drag and Drop' your pics from a folder that is open. Alternatively from a PC or Mobile you can click on 'Browse' and search through your Gallery or Folders for the item you want to send. Click on this and it will upload onto the Google Form

g. Press Submit

4) Local Assistance: If there those who have information and would prefer an alternative method of sending info, or would like it scanned or collected in the locality, then just let us know and we will assist.

5) Post or Hand deliver to any member of the Committee at 1 Shore Road, Toome, Co Antrim, BT41 3NE. Or send via DMs in Twitter and Facebook

If you have any issues or queries please just email us at