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Phase 1 Access

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21 May 2018
Cargin 2020 Phase 1: Demolition of existing changing rooms, toilets and kitchen. Construction of 4 new changing rooms and toilets.

Start Date : Mon 21st May 2018          Completion Date: Spring 2019

(Refer to sketch for locations of new changing rooms and toilets and the agreed access points for pitches and hall/bar.)

Description of Works:

During this phase of the works we will be demolishing the existing changing rooms, toilets and kitchen.

The hall and bar will remain in operation throughout this Phase.

There will be external changing rooms and toilets in place until Phase 1 is complete.

None of the pitches are affected in this Phase and access into each pitch remains unchanged but the route you take has changed.

Car Parking:

As car parking has been reduced due to the site works, it would be much appreciated if everyone could use the Main Car Park behind the wall and walk into the grounds via the turnstiles. There is plenty of room available in the car park and this will mean the area within the grounds will be much safer for everyone to walk around in.

Hall/Bar Usage:

Access into the Bar/Hall will be as normal. The fire exit door will lead into the site and will only be required in an ‘emergency’ and won’t be used to gain access onto the top pitch.

When using the Hall/Bar and you need to access:

Ø  Top pitch – Exit via the front door and walk round the gable side of the hall towards the top pitch

Ø  Bottom pitch - Exit via the front door and walk straight onto the bottom pitch using normal access point.

Ø  Toilets - Exit via the front door and walk round the gable side of the hall towards the top pitch and toilets are opposite the normal pitch access.

Changing Facilities:

Refer to sketch for new changing facilities located adjacent to the top pitch.

Access from changing facilities to the top pitch is straight out the door and through normal access.

Access from changing facilities to the bottom pitch will be via the gable end of the hall onto bottom pitch via normal access point.

Astro Pitch:

Access to the Astro pitch will be via the double gates close to the top pitch. There is access at present via the normal gate but this may have to be closed if the area of the ‘works site’ needs to increase which could block this area off.

Tuck Shop:

Tuck shop is now located adjacent to the bar looking onto the bottom pitch.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience throughout these construction works and would appreciate it if everyone could be aware of their surroundings and to stick to the designated routes.

Our new building will be worth the disruption where we feel you will be proud to be part of the Cargin 2020 vision for the future.

Thanks for your support. Exciting times ahead.

Cargin Development Committee


Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm & Saturday 2pm
Tuesday 6.45pm & Friday 7pm
Senior Squads
Tuesday 7pm & Thursday 7pm
U-8 & U-10
Saturday 5pm - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 12noon

Times may vary by arrangement of mentors.