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Monday, October 10, 2016
Senior Football Championship (Semi Final)
Cargin are in the Final
Erin’s Own Cargin 1-21 St John’s 2-12
Reigning champions Erin’s Own Cargin are back in another county senior decider as they seek to retain the title when they strode past St John’s to record a comprehensive victory in their semi final assignment at a sunny Glenavy venue on Sunday last.
A half dozen points did separate the sides at the conclusion, but one onlooker was heard to make the comment, ‘Now that was what I would call a six point hammering’ as he made his way out of the Chapel Hill venue.
The Toome men seemed in cruise control as the end, and the long blast approached as they had gone away into a most healthy lead at 1-20 to 0-11 but a late scoring burst and a couple of injury time goals in aid of the Johnnies cause came as consolation and certainly flattered the city dwellers.
John Brennan’s men had fairly blasted out of the start blocks and by the time that the Johnnies were to make a mark on the board when Brian Neeson split the posts eighteen minutes had passed and by such stage the Toome men had recorded 1-07 to set the standard.
The Corrigan men looking to the accuracy of Neeson at every opportunity did regain composure in the latter stages of the period with Neeson unerring in his finishing, but when the man in charge signalled temporary halt the holders were at 1-09 to 0-06.
The second portion saw the trend established in the first period continue as Cargin remained on the offensive, and the Johnnies looked to find their target man at every opportunity with Neeson providing their only threat in attack.
Cargin as to the opening period were away in a flash and having denied access over the St John’s goal line by the intervention of their net-minder Pearce Donnelly on several occasions in the first period the keeper was called on thwart intensions on his goal again as he stood tall to make a splendid save from the incoming Michael Magill in the opening minute turning the leather around the post.
Tomas Mc Cann did stroke the resultant ‘45’ between the posts and opened Cargin’s second period account.
Although the introduction of Matthew Fitzpatrick did aid the St John’s cause Corrigan men continued to rely on Bam Neeson for their scores.
Neeson did continue to retain his accuracy but such seemed in vain as the dominant Cargin had careered away into a twelve point lead as the clock ticked onward to the allotted sixty minutes.
It was most certainly over bar the shouting but the Johnnies did take advantage as the Toome men did throttle down job seemingly done with Ross Hannigan and Matthew Fitzpatrick taking opportunity to add late goals, but those late majors only served as mere consolation as the reigning champions had done more than enough to make way to another senior final.

A new venue for championship fare as Cargin and St John’s lined out at the newly refurbished Chapel Hill venue, the pristine home venue of St Joseph’s Glenavy with the prize on offer to the winner being a place in the senior final 2016.
The reigning champions did take the field as warm favourites but more than a few had suggested that the Johnnies steeped in the championship tradition were well capable of giving the Erin’s Own men a run for their money.
In the event those who may have expressed such opinion were given cause to reconsider shortly after match referee Brendan Toland signalled a start to proceedings.
Cargin were seen to charge out of the blocks and into instant attack mode.
The Johnnies were in the defensive from the outset and although the Toome men did spurn a couple of early chances they were off and running in the 6th minute when the ever reliable Ciaran Close directed a close free over the bar.
The wing half forward who has enjoyed a tremendous season thus far when he despatched firmly between the posts to fully punish a foul on Ryan Mc Kiernan.
The big full forward was unceremoniously felled after claiming a Michael Magill cross and more than a few did wonder just how the culprit escaped any semblance of reprimand for what looked close to a red card infringement.
Indeed the Cargin contingent were to have cause to wonder on a number of occasions thereafter as the Mc Cann brothers in particular were to be subjected to more than a few X rated challenges went without even caution.
Cargin were off the mark and in a rush to add to their opening score as points from Tomas Mc Cann and Michael Magill saw them move 0-03 to 0-00 clear by the 10th minute.
The reigning champions were in their stride and moving forward with purpose as the St John’s men were under siege.
Cargin dominated in the central zone and always in ahead for the breaking ball with Ronan Devlin most prominent and it was the latter who delivered for Ciaran Close to send over the bar as he nipped in to add a point in the 11th minute, and a majestic Gerard Mc Cann point paved the way for the clever wing man to add another a minute later.
Cargin were certainly in full flow and after the impressive Paul Mc Cann added a point the Johnnies net minder was forced to push a Ronan Devlin rasper up and over the bar.
Devlin had made eye catching progress up the right hand side and it took a splendid intervention by the in-form Pearce Donnelly o deny him access over the line.
The city men were under siege and things were not looking bright and getting worse as a super Tomas Mc Cann 17th minute goal saw the Toome men at 1-07 whilst their opponents awaited an opening score.
The corner man had been in like lightning to collect on the 20 metre line and pick his spot in the corner of the net and it was 1-07 to 0-00.
The Corrigan men really needed a score and such was on the horizon as Brian Neeson did open account when he hoisted white in the 18th minute, but back came the Toome men with another Tomas Mc Cann point before a swift interchange which involved Michael Mc Cann and Ronan Devlin cleared a path for the ever accurate Ciaran Close to add another.
The end of an opening period approached but more was to follow and indeed in the latter stages the Johnnies signalled revival as a super Adrian Oliver 26th minute point seemed to kick start recovery.
Bam Neeson did take centre stage thereafter as he added a further four points in succession, and only the short blast halted his momentum with Cargin reduced to a six point lead as they took a 1-09 to 0-06 advantage to the break and such may well have been more.
The second period began with the St John’s contingent most likely anticipating a continuance of the ‘Bam Show’ but in the event it was to be Cargin who were to hit the pristine Glenavy sod running and only a splendid save from net minder Donnelly thwarted Michael Magill in his intentions of grabbing an early goal.
The talented corner man was sent on the way by a Michael Mc Cann delivery and most would have bet their house on the big man finding his intended target at the back of the net, but the St John’s keeper who had made several splendid saves in the opening period went away to his left to push the leather away from target and over the bye line.
Tomas Mc Cann delivered the resultant ‘45’ directly between the posts and although Neeson was to reply in kind at the other end a few minutes later further points supplied at the other end by Ronan Devlin and Tomas Mc Cann as Donnach Mc Keever, and James Laverty supplied in turn saw Cargin at 1-12 to 0-07 at the 40th minute.
The Erin’s Own men were dominant and seemed set fair and on their merry way into another decider and such seemed closer still as Michael Magill supplied a couple more exquisite scores from each side of the Chapel Hill arena in turn, and although Bam Neeson did add a couple more points to the Johnnies tally his side looked as forlorn almost without hope.
Indeed the next phase underlined the steep incline facing the Corrigan men if they still harboured any thoughts of unlikely revival as points in turn for Ryan ‘Podgy’ Mc Kiernan, Ciaran Close and Donnach Mc Keever saw Cargin in the safe haven of the comfort zone as they had gained a 1-17 to 0-09 lead at the 50th minute.
Bam Neeson did still believe in the Johnnies cause however as he added a couple of points in sequence but back came Cargin to the coal face and another brace of scores from the most cultured boot of Michael Magill saw Cargin at 1-20 to 0-10 as the clock ticked to the 60 minute mark.
The job obviously done and time to ease off the throttle seemed as logic for the Cargin men, but the spirited Johnnies were intent on continuing with their mission despite the obvious futility of the exercise and they were to hit a couple of goals within a couple of minutes.
Firstly Ross Hannigan made inroads to send to the back of the Cargin net in the 61st minute and then Matthew Fitzgerald’s low drive squirmed under the body of John Mc Nabb another green flag was raised.
Cargin had done more than enough however despite those late concessions and a late, 65th minute Tomas Mc Cann point sent them on their way to the semis full value for a 1-21 to 2-11 semi final victory.  

Referee B Toland  (Lamh Dearg)


John Mc Nabb, Donnach Mc Keever, Marty Kane, Gerard Mc Corley, Ronan Devlin (0-02), Justin Crozier, James Laverty, Gerard Mc Cann, John Carron, Ciaran Close (0-05), Michael Mc Cann, Paul Mc Cann (0-01), Tomas Mc Cann (1-06), Ryan Mc Kiernan (0-01), Michael Magill (0-05).

Kevin Mc Shane for M Kane
Mark Kelly for C Close
David Johnston for R Devlin

St John’s
Pearce Donnelly, Ciaran Garland, Aaron Douglas, Conor Mc Avoy, Kevin Cunningham, Adrian Oliver (0-01), Joe Garland, Kevin Mc Glinchey, Daniel Mc Caffrey, Ross Hannigan (1-00), Michael Bradley, Jack Hannigan, Patrick Mc Bride, Brian Neeson (0-11), Conal Mc Glade.

Anto Press for J Garland
Fra Mc Crudden for J Hannigan
Stephen Tierney for K Mc Glinchey
Matthew Fitzpatrick for C Mc Glade
Gareth Clarke for D Mc Cafferty


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