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Monday, September 26, 2016
S West under-16 (Final)
Cargin are the Under-16 Champions
Erinís Own Cargin 3-09 All Saintís Ballymena 1-13
Cargin are the South West under-16 champions 2016, as despite the overwhelming opinion expressed by the pundits, and indeed the undoubted credentials of their opponents within the ranks of the All Saintís Ballymena boys it was very much against the odds as the Erinís Own side prevailed in the floodlit decider at the Clooney arena on Friday evening last.
It was most certainly a David and Goliath affair in the perception of most as the Ballymena boys who had been crowned National Feile champions a couple of years back had continued to impress in their progress, and having easily brushed aside the Cargin boys in their league affairs this term they looked set fair for the title.
The Erinís Own side had gained in improvement as the season had progressed however and under the astute management of Brian and Paddy Mc Cann a semi final win gained over Aghagallon on the latterís own turf had underlined undoubted improvement within the ranks and hinted at possibility.
The Cargin boys had seemed under the cosh in the opening phase on the Ahoghill terrain as the All Saintís side blasted out of the start traps, and with an opening score just a minute into proceedings as Shea Oí Brien raised a white flag.
Ryan Mc Garry who had taken the opening throw in and when fouled in motion 30 metres from the posts the centre forward was not at all hard pressed to split the posts from the resultant award.
The Cargin boys did look at a significant disadvantage in their rear guard formation, as most match ups saw them for the most part giving away height and inches.
The All Saintís boys mostly towered over those clad in green and white but as the decider progressed it was to become quite apparent that such was to become an irrelevance with Cargin standing tall.
Having gained the important early score All Saintís looked for more of the same in the early stages but in the event the next few minutes were to prove crucial as the red hot favourites passed up several opportunities to add to that opening score and Cargin were to draw abreast in the 10th minute as Sean Oí Neill raced through to split the posts.
A strong clearance by Oran Lynn had initiated the movement after a Christopher Bateson interception to see the wing half forward who is one of a number of Cargin players still eligible for under-14 duty ensured his side were on terms.
A foul on the strong running Eoin Bailey which followed the resultant kick out opened the door for Shea Oí Brien to despatch the award directly between the posts to see All Saintís regain the lead but in the event the 12th minute score saw a quick response provided by Cargin.
The Ballymena boys had looked to add to their tally and increase the advantage gained by the Oí Brien score but another interception by the impressive Christopher ĎCrickyí Bateson and a good delivery which went through to Ronan Gribbin saw the full forward draw a free with Shay Bovill guiding the award between the posts.
The first mark made by the mid fielder but not the last as the fifteen year old was to prove most impressive from the dead ball thereafter.
The sides were tied at 0-02 apiece at the end of the first quarter but the Cargin boys having remained on terms to that date were beginning to believe and they were to grab the lead a couple of minutes later.
An eye catching fetch in the middle by Mark Keegan and a long delivery by Pat Shivers sent the diminutive PJ Quinn in the combine with Sean Oí Neill before firing off the crossbar.
A let off for the Ballymena boys it seemed but Sean Oí Neill was quick to claim the rebound before being unceremoniously grounded and a penalty was the resultant firm decision
Shay Bovill, accepted responsibility for the spot kick duty, and when the fair haired mid-fielder despatched to the top corner of the net Cargin had claimed a 1-02 to 0-02 advantage and gain a lead they were set to retain right through to conclusion.
The All Saintís boys hit hard by the major concession did return fire as an indiscretion on the strong running Ryan Mc Garry opened the way for Shea Oí Brien to hoist another white flag from the resultant free awarded, and when the former raced through to pounce on a loose ball and forward directly between the posts just the minimum separated the protagonists and the Ballymena side looked on the upward.
Cargin had gained in composure however and they did return to the offensive again with a score at the other end a few minutes thereafter.
Another All Saintís attack had been halted in an Orrin Johnston intervention and when Sean Oí Neill was sent away in attack mode he was halted when fouled in progress to open the way for another Shay Bovill pointed free.
The last five minutes of the opening period with Cargin seemingly on the retreat and indeed they were hauled back to a minimum lead again as All Saintís looked for more.
Cargin were certainly much in the defensive role as the short blast approached and they did seem to have coped right until the death as the Ballymena boys approached with menace.
Despite having repelled most attack minded approaches throughout the opening period the Cargin defences seemed to have breached as the strong running Ryan Mc Garryís delivery sent Conor Oí Rawe in on target with only the keeper to beat.
The net minder was not about to grant access to the corner forward however as Conor Molloy stood tall in defiance to make a superb save to repel.
The danger was averted thanks to the heroics of the thirteen year old keeper and the leather delivered to safety to ensure the Toome boys still led albeit by the minimum margin, 1-03 to 0-05 at the break.
Although the Erinís Own boys had reached the half way period not only still in contention but with a lead had surprised many, and indeed most observers, not firmly in the Cargin camp may well have felt that such state of affairs may well be short lived.
In the event those who did not believe that the Cargin boys were not well enough equipped to remain in front were to have a strong reason to revise such opinion shortly into the second period, and indeed within a matter of seconds as Pat Shivers struck with a terrific score.
The centre forward who was most impressive throughout was to seize the restart throw in and after making way forward into All Saintís territory he was to unleash a thunderbolt of a finish to despatch the leather into the top corner of the net.
A superb score and indeed one of the best witnessed in the Saffron county this or any year by the fifteen year old which saw his side clear away to a four point advantage.
All Saintís did return to duty after the stunning concession with a fine Ryan Mc Garry point but a fine Shay Bovill reply in kind saw the Erinís Own boys back into a four point lead, 2-04 to 0-06 at the 37th minute.
The hint of a major surprise urged the All Saintís side into action on the offensive and back to back points from Ruairi Laverty and Conor Stewart reduced the deficit to a couple of points.
A fine cross from the very busy PJ Quinn saw Ronan Gribbin volley just over the bar in the 43rd minute, but back came the Ballymena boys and in end to end stuff a similar reply from a well delivered Ruairi Laverty free kick made it 2-05 to 0-09 at the three quarter mark.
Cargin were keeping their noses ahead and such was extended by a point in the 47th minute as centre back Mark Keegan who looks a young man with a big future made his way well forward evading several challenges en route before off loading to PJ Quinn on the right wing.
The winger was fouled in delivering his shot, and Pat Shivers was to despatch the award firmly between the posts despite the acuteness of the right sided angle.
The Cargin boys really had the pedal to the metal at this juncture and a third goal was to follow a few minutes thereafter as Pat Shivers, PJ Quinn, Jack Mc Allister were all involved as Ronan Gribbin grabbed a 39th minute goal.
The side which had started carrying the Ďno hopersí tag were firmly in command, but the trick was now to retain the lead which now stood at a healthy 3-06 to 0-09 right through to conclusion.
The Erinís own boys looked on way to the podium but All Saintís are an excellent side with little to prove and they were not to give up the under-16 title without a fight.
A Conor Stewart 50th minute point seemed to signal a return to arms for the All Saintís side but as they did advance with purpose accuracy was left behind again as Ruairi Laverty sent a 30 metre free wide of the intended target and Eoin Bailey drove a ground shot across and just wide of the target in the 53rd minute.
Cargin were back on the defensive and All Saintís centre back Conor Mc Gill strode forward to split the posts to reduce the deficit and suggest come back was possible.
The Erinís Own boys had backs against the wall and did look to raise the siege and indeed such was delivered as Oran Lynn and Orrin Johnston combined to send Mark Keegan away to leave several trailing in his majestic wake before splitting the posts.
A superb score from the centre back which looked to have secured the verdict for the Toome side and ever after All Saintís had made reply via a super long range point Shay Bovill posted a similar reply.
Orrin Johnston who was very prominent in the latter stages catching the eye in his endeavours, had made progress forward from his defensive duties to relieve pressure, and after being fouled a full 55 metres from the All Saintís posts the distance and the pressure of the occasion proved no distraction to Shay Bovill as he despatched the long range free kick all the way over the bar.
Bovillís super finish looked to secure the verdict for the Cargin boys but All Saintís were not finished and when Oisin Connolly lofted 58th minute delivery the leather made it all the way to the back of the net and the major score ensured only a couple of points separated the protagonists as the drama continued in a super game.
Cargin were not about to leave the battle field however as they sought to hold on when another surge forward by impressive centre back Mark Keegan ended when he was illegally halted Shay Bovill who had proved unerring in his placed deliveries previously was called on again, this time from a distance of almost sixty metres.
The mid-fielder was to prove unnerved by the assignment as he held his aim and indeed his nerve to the utmost as he delivered over the black spot, and see his side move back to a three point advantage again with the allotted sixty minutes all bet gone.
Time was decidedly not a friend to the All Saintís boys but they were not to lay down their arms however as they continued to press forward in search of scores. The continued to push forward but in the event an injury time Conor Stewart injury time point was their single reward as Cargin crossed the winning line and on to the podium as under-16 champs at 3-09 to 1-13.

Referee Paul Mc Keever (Casementís)
Oran Molloy, Sean og Quinn, Christopher Bateson, Oran Lynn, Sean Mc Larnon, Mark Keegan (0-01), Orrin Johnston, Shay Bovill (1-05), Ruairi Mc Cann, Ben Dobbin, Pat Shivers (1-01), Sean Oí Neill (0-01) PJ Quinn, Ronan Gribbin (1-01), Jack Mc Allister.

Malachai Johnston for P Shivers
Pat Shivers for J Mc Allister

All Saintís
Brandon Reid, Conal Oí Neill, Rian Mc Cann, James Heyburn, Rory Campbell, Coary Lyttle, Cormac Mc Gill, Conal Lemmon, Ryan Mc Garry (0-02), Ruairi Laverty (0-02), Eoin Bailey (0-01), Conor Oí Rawe, Conor Stewart (0-03), Oisin Connolly (1-00).

Kevin Brady for J Heyburn


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