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Name: Fan
what is the club pitch/grounds called?
The grounds do not have a specific name
Name: Des
Well done to all concerned with the football and Camogie Teams ,  both teams got what their hard work all year deserved.special mention to John and Thomas ! i have some great pictures of a joyous day,  and from both semi finals ,  sorry to the ladies for not being at the Camogie final to take pictures but wasnt sure time would allow me  to do both , i hope the pictures bought joy to those abroad or not able to attend .i will post on club Gallery through time .  
Photos in gallery now. Thanks to Dessie
Name: Header
Crossmaglen won't know what's hit them when big Pudgie struts into Armagh
Name: minor parent
Think our minors led the way    in sportmanship   looked as though they were really enjoying themselves every game
Name: P
On a crisp autumn morning,
I woke with great zeal,
For my beloved Cargin
Had two battles, tough as steel

To Armagh we must go,
the first for our girls,
Our support, we give them,
Their talent, in their hurls

We needn’t have worried,
As Katie drew first,
A wound that grew deeper,
As the Down girls lurched

Stronger and stronger,
Our Cailíní grew,
Until victory was sealed,
History made anew

With haste to Ahoghill,
Our men had to strive,
To reacquaint themselves again,
With the ultimate prize

Our defence held firm,
Big Pudgie up front,
Mick McCann fired the bullets
And the red hand was blunt

We waited for the whistle,
And screamed for the chime
Even in our comfort,
We wanted full time

To Toome we cried,
For theres time a-wastin,
A procession to honour,
Our fair lads and maidens

Our pride in our kin,
The joy in their faces,
So happy were we,
Toome street had no spaces

Paraded through the village,
Like the heros they are,
Adoration they get,
Shining bright, like a star

At last to the club,
Go the Green Machine,
We show them the joy
They’ve brought to Duneane

The noise they made,
All in good craic,
It Lasted til morn,
Til the eyelids were slack

They try their utmost on those pitches
Enacting our dreams,
We can only reciprocate
Our hopes, our gleams

So here’s to the camogs,
And the footballers we saw,
They were backed to the hilt
For we are in awe.

Such a night they will speak of,
Down through the years
For Cargin was united
Just in bliss, shed no tears

Name: Eddie
Congratulations to Cargin on becoming Antrim champions. To management and panel well done. A special word of praise to trainer Darren Craig who over the years has managed every age group from u12s up to u21s winning an u21 Antrim championship. Well done Darren. My only disappointment on Sunday was not seeing the camogs becoming Ulster champions. Well done ladies and your management
Name: Eamonn Laverty
In all my years being associated with the club, I have never witnessed such an atmosphere as there was over the weekend, the cargin minion has been recognisesd as an icon, with traffic warnings as everyone from far and wide wants to view or get a pic taken. The coffee morning was packed out on Saturday and a great credit to the camogs, the success on Sunday by both teams led to a victorious cavalcade through the village on Sunday night with supporters lining the streets from far and wide, it was totally amazing from young and old and will be remembered for by all. Congratulations to all who arranged this memorable event. One club EOC
Name: greenandwhite man golfing in Villamora.
Well done to cargin Ladies and Gents I will be celebrating in Portugal. Wish I was home but I will just have to suffer it here until wednesday Proud to be a Cargin supporter.  
Name: member
can you tell me what date the u21 championship on thanks?
Saturday 24th October 2015
Name: wondering
was the club formed in 1923 or 1928? says on the website 1928 but has 1923 on the badge.  One needs updating
formed and affiliated.
Name: green man
well done to our seniors on Friday night. im sure we will face a stiffer test in THE final. this could end up à Carlsberg weekend !!!!! rugby and hurling
Name: Fan
8 finals for the club this year!!! Senior football, camogie and youth!! #EOC
Absolutely brilliant. Pulling together makes it all worth while.
Name: Green supporter
are we putting an order in for any cargin gear for supporters? It would be great to see a sea of green in ahoghill against creggan
We are trying to sort out club gear but it is not as easy as it sounds!
Name: John Brennan No.1
Well done to our seniors last week it was a pleasure to be there an witness the sheer elation of a whole community after the final whistle,a magnificent team who will only get better in time and with the right man at the helm here's hoping for a very long and successful year  #EOC
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