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Name: Des
Hi folks if anyone is interested prints of CHampionship Celebrations  , Dinnerdance ect can be purchased  from me without the watermark. 7 x 5 prints £3 and 10  x 8  prints  £10 ,  other sizes available, contact me on 07834617889 , Des .
Name: Fan
Got out to watch the minors against Ardboe tonight and it was a great game with a lot of talent. Young Bradley and Gribbin had excellent games in the forward line and Joe Maybin dominated midfield, a lot of young talent.
Name: True fan
Minors away to Glenavy in the A championship, should be a great game.
Name: True cargin man
With the minors being put into the 'A' division means that all teams throughout cargin are playing top level football this year, great to see and truthfully the way it should be!
Name: Player
What league are the minors in this year?
Minors are back out training this Saturday 23rd Jan.
All details will be given by the managers then.
Name: Fan
Any truth in that there will be a thirds team this year?
No thirds
Name: Player
Any word on what league the minors are in?
Minors are back out training this Saturday 23rd Jan.
All details will be given by the managers then.
Name: U16 Player
Any word on U16/Minor managers for the year
Nothing agreed yet. We will let you know when it has all been finalised.
Name: Tomas Laverty
What a year , first of many medals in the bag #EOC
Name: camog
A massive thank you to everyone who organised the annual dinner dance last night, it was fantastic from start to finish with so many nice personal touches! Great year, great club!  
Loads of stand out moments in the night.
Huge crowd, huge success.

Proud of our great club and the people in it.
Name: Jack
are there any indoor activities planned for the hall this winter?
Yes, but we are getting the Dinner Dance over and then we will kick start a few things.
There already is handball at least twice a week.
Suggestions and volunteers to help run activities are welcome.
Name: Cant believe the year is over
The road was a long one,
from Armagh to Toome,
the radio was silent,
and my mood was gloom

So close we had been,
So near to the win,
Sorrowful was I,
No chance of a grin.

But the longer I thought,
And started to reminisce
I remembered the good times
When the football was bliss

We blazed to the lead,
Black and amber to roast,
With Magill to the forefront
and his best man, Close  

Jonny Jives was game,
And Mick took control,
Baby Enda was a whirl
with Pudgie a totem pole

The defence was solid
Justy deflected a hardened force
Marty refused to budge
With Tony hard and coarse

A rough first half end
Agin Cross’ Cavan pet
Made tougher again
When Murtagh hit the net

But they did not give up
Not once did they blink
We are still so proud
We roar them onto the brink

They were cheered off the pitch
Some vitriol to the Cavan cat
John Brennan not happy
With the vampire bat

But what a year it has been
Great success for our kin
And a desire to again improve
Our beloved Cargin

Name: Fan
Naming of the pitch could be an idea for a fundraiser
Yes. Or maybe some big money people might light to sponsor the name...Aviva, Kingspan...
Name: Re: Fan
was known originally just as Mc Cann's field after the man that used to own it. don't think an official renaming ever took place
Name: Wondering
Who's u16 manager this year?
Do you mean the year past or incoming year?
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