Sunday, 17 December 2017

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Name: Santa
Santa in Cargin club, 17th Dec.  1pm - 3pm
Merry Christmas
Name: Green Man
Congratulations to Eamon McAuley on being selected to referee the Senior Football Final.
And didn't he do a good job
Thanks to all involved with the senior football team in today's replay. A hard fought  game, unfortunately the out come was not in our favour this time but every body gave it their best shot
Name: bigstick
any chance of getting a senior Hurling team going?
Is there enough interest? Bring your proposals to the exec and always willing to listen.
Name: Wondering
Will the social club be open today for the Republic match whilst Creggan are playing?
Apologies for late reply. We were using the social club for changing facilities as we were hosting 4 teams.
Name: circuits
circuits class for men or women or both?
Circuits for all. Both men and women are attending.
Name: gael
are there irish classes up and running in the club or due to be soon?  maybe a good time to start with the new naiscoil coming
Irish classes are on going every Thursday evening in the club.
Name: Young Green
I have recently come across a plan for a new club house with changing room facilities and was wondering how far away this is from going ahead and also is there much chance of happening what happened last time when a club house has been planned and did not go ahead.
You and everybody else can make it happen. Come to the dinner dance and see the plans and discuss it with us.
Name: Interested member
Was it the office bearers who reappointed the senior manager?
The senior players requested the reappointment of the senior manager. The exec approved it.
Name: Interested member
Can we have an up date of  the new office bearers please?
Office bearers same as 2015-16. Everyone was returned unopposed.
They must be doing something right!
Name: Naíscoil Na Fíobha
Have got great interest so far, the project is looking really encouraging. Can we ask you all to like and share our facebook page to continue getting the message out there.   thanks!
Name: Alec Beer
Rumour has been abound, believe the "Social Club"😂is suppposed to be opened this Sunday? Any truth in this rumour folks?
Your source is good....
Name: Green man
Has a date for the dinner dance been set ?
No, but it is likely to be late January or early February 2017.
Date set for Feb 4 2017
Name: Niall McAuley
Just wanted to say a massive congratulations to my neighbour club on winning championship once again and also goodluck in ulster!! hard to say from a Creggan man. Do antrim proud!!
Name: Naíscoil Na Fíobha
Information night on Thursday 27th October at 7.30pm in Toome House.  Anyone interested please come down and see what its all about and the advantages it brings.
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