Monday, Monday, December 5, 2022

Erin's Own GAC, Cargin - Gold Card Pledge Scheme


Where will my money be spent?

The club has embarked on a major facilities development project, costing approximately £1/2m, which will culminate in two full size floodlight pitches, modern changing facilities, gymnasium and an all weather flood-lit astro-turf training pitch for winter training. Longer term plans include covered stands and spectator seating.

Our youth expect the best to be the best and to realise that we have to provide the best. On any evening or weekend the club may cater for over 160 youth (8 teams) the facilities at present do not accommodate this. To maintain the interest and encourage the best we have to provide the best facilities. This development will provide us through time with the best club facilities and the best club teams in Ireland and have us all proud to be associated with the club.

The club will also invest heavily in coaching, hardware, and training programs, as well as the many other training programs needed to meet legislative requirements which are now mandatory and those pending, An example of this is where upwards on 20 adults from the club have attended awareness training regarding child protection laws, now a legal requirement for all juvenile coaches. Other areas such as first aid, health and safety, skills coaching, dietary physiotherapy, legal and accountancy fees, insurance, affiliation fees to name a few draw heavily on the clubs limited resources. Your ongoing support for our the development of our youth and the maintaining the core values instilled through GAA sporting activities is essential for this development.

The progress of the ongoing development will be available on the club website . Names of those joining the scheme will also be published on the website 

Why a pledge scheme?

Since the foundation of the club, it has remained at the heart of the local community and has its and existence has contributed in no small measure to the development of our youth through difficult times. Always a place to go to meet people and enjoy participation of our youth representing the area in healthy pursuits, instilling in us all a sense of identity. Over the past 75 years this in the main existed due to the efforts of a small band with the support of the community throughout this period. There have been many phases of development each bringing the club facilities to a par with the most successful clubs in Ireland at that time. The fund raising methods whilst appropriate then are now outdated and do not meet the needs of a modern GAA club where a constant cash flow is required to facilitate the development of our activities and maintain the ethos at the center of our community. We need top class facilities to attract our youth and in doing this we will see that our games are enjoyed by another generation and maintain the sense of belonging to a strong supportive community, The covenant is your pledge to ensure the efforts and ideals of our forefathers carry through to the next generation.

What is required to participate?

Simply complete a Standing Order slip (available from Committee members) and return to the club representative who gave it to you.

Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm
Monday 7pm & Saturday 2pm
Tuesday 6.45pm & Friday 7pm
Senior Squads
Tuesday 7pm & Thursday 7pm
U-8 & U-10
Saturday 5pm - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 12noon

Times may vary by arrangement of mentors.